Legally blind Santa Rosa High School senior eager for post-graduation world

For some students, high school graduation can represent the moment they launch into the wider world, taking on the challenges and joys of life beyond the confines of a high school campus.

For Santa Rosa High School senior Jimmy Cong, the challenges will be especially pronounced but certainly surmountable, say those who know the spirited 18-year-old.


SRHS students win award at video contest

Santa Rosa High School students places third in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 2012 Student Video Contest, “Discover Languages, Discover the World!”
This video was written, produced and directed by high school senior Fiona Becker with an original score by classmate Senior Jimmy Cong. Santa Rosa High School will be featured in the April edition of Language Educator magazine, a national publication. In addition, they will be honored at foreign language national convention in Philadelphia this November.


Blind Teens Tap Into Senses At Chemistry Camp

For some kids, summer camp season means crafts, campfires and sunshine. For teenagers at one Northern California camp, the focus is chemistry.

At Camp Enchanted Hills, about 40 miles north of Napa, the students have something else in common beyond an interest in science: They're all blind or visually impaired. The camp is a rare chance for the kids to compare notes on what it's like to be blind in a sighted world.


Santa Rosa High School students win statewide video contest

Five of Santa Rosa High's ArtQuest students just learned that a two-minute video they created won first place in a statewide competition by the California Milk Processor Board.

Funny and smartly done, the video by Amy West, Jimmy Cong, Stephanie Rhodes, Mason Weaver and Bailey Boatsman portrays a scattered, struggling student determined to discover what makes a classmate so smart and popular.